Why Marketers Should Be Using Pinterest, Now [Infographic]

Early 2012 will no doubt be remembered for the rise of Pinterest.  Pretty much half of all major social media news these days revolve around Pinterest and its largely female user base.  It proves that there is life in social other than Facebook, and hints at the possibility of other new social networks in the future.

Modea has released this infographic looking at just how lucrative Pinterest can be for marketers, and it has a lot of interesting stats.

To me the most startling fact is that Pinterest has more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined.  Those are all parts of public companies that have valuations in the billions.  Pinterest is clearly referring a ton of traffic and if they figure out a way to monetize it, i.e. give users deals when they buy an item off of Pinterest through Amazon, it should be a pretty good money maker.