Why Lay’s Wants to Quit Social Media and Hates America

lays flavor

This may give you an idea. 

Last year, Lay’s potato chips introduced America to a cool concept called “Do Us a Flavor.” This crowdsourcing experiment took place over the wonder of social media. It was incredibly popular and Frito-Lay thought they created the genesis of social media marketing.

In fact, according to this story from ABC News, the winning flavor Cheesy Garlic Bread (and uh, meh) beat out finalists Chicken & Waffles and Sriracha drew more than one million votes on Facebook and Twitter and nearly 3.8 million consumer-generated flavors. Good times, right? Time for Round 2, right?

Yeah, not so much. At least for Frito-Lay. For the rest of us ne’er-do-well, social media misfits, it’s the stuff of legend.

See there’s a catch with crowdsourcing via social media — after a while, the trolls catch on and want their 15 seconds of fame. And thank you sweet baby Twitter [insert your deity here] they did! The “flavors,” if you really want to call them that, were hilarious, disgusting, barely edible (if at all) and such good times.

Here’s a few reasons found under #dousaflavor if you fancy, and more importantly, why Lay’s will be reconsidering all social media marketing campaigns moving forward:

  • Regret
  • Kettle-cooked excessive debt
  • Toothpaste and orange juice
  • Blood of my enemies
  • Fish … and chips
  • Anthrax ripple
  • Hot ham water
  • Cat fur and aluminum foil
  • Whiskey Maple Bacon
  • Placenta
  • Crunchy frog and bleu cheese
  • Dad never came home
  • None pizza with left beef
  • Your mother never liked you
  • A vague whiff of salmon far away
  • You’re not my real father
  • Despair (with a Broncos logo)
  • Honey flavored Nicolas Cage
  • Government cheese (my favorite, because could actually make this one)
  • Potato
  • B.A. in Liberal Arts (with a cool pint of beer) 
  • The twin you ate in the womb
  • David Bowie’s bulge in Labyrinth (there are about 17 geeks wetting themselves over this one)
  • The sad college student
  • Hickory-smoked horse buttholes
  • Bandaid in a public pool
  • Ped Egg shavings
  • Bieber’s downward spiral
  • Doritos (Genius)
  • The economy
  • Anguished tears of the Lay’s CEO

And one for a visual and the ubiquitous ‘Duh’ moment…