Why Kaplan Went to Fairchild

For anyone who might’ve been a bit puzzled by today’s announcement that Peter Kaplan is moving from Condé Nast Traveler to Fairchild, home of Women’s Wear Daily and other publication, the New York Observer (which Kaplan used to edit) has a few answers.
For one, the move allows Kaplan to work in his cherished medium: newspapers.

It hugely appealed to me for two reasons: One of them is all the stuff I was talking about at the end of the Observer. A lot of the Fairchild publications seem ready-made to point forward. They are these incredible media propositions. And they have the same sort of nimbleness that we had at the paper. They have a similar sized staff and there’s not a massive bureaucracy. You can take the content and repackage it and refocus it and think it through for a new generation of readers.

Kaplan also said that there’s enormous room for digital growth at WWD.
And then there’s also this: “Mr. Kaplan said that he’s been a Women’s Wear Daily reader since he was a boy.”