Why Journalism Matters 2.0 #JournalismMatters

Guests at last night’s National Press Foundation (NPF) Dinner were able to enjoy their table companions AND join the Twitter conversation via their iPhones & blackberries.  Why? Because this year’s dinner included a Twitter dashboard that live streamed Tweets from journalists in attendance.  The Twitter dashboard was the brainchild of Story Partners’ Amos Snead & NJI Media’s Josh Shultz (Yes, the same two gents behind FamousDC).  The dashboard & Twitter hashtag were a hit as #JournalismMatters became a Trending Topic in DC yesterday evening.

Some choice tweets from last night’s festivities after the jump…

A few funny…

C-SPAN’s Howard Mortman: #journalismmatters to keep up with @charliesheen

WSJ’s Evan Perez: #journalismmatters we need wine @ table 51 #journalismatters

POLITICO’s Kasie Hunt: More wine at NPF costs $$. Cheapest bottle: $38 plus 22% tip and 10% gratuity. That’s about 7 hours of work at min wage #journalismmatters?

And a few more serious

POLITICO’s Chris Frates: What other job’s main responsibility is to tell the truth? #journalismmatters

Roll Call’s David Drucker: #journalismmatters because a real job would be boring.

View the dashboard online at http://www.whyjournalismmatters.org/