Why It Should Scare Marketers That We’re Living in ‘the Stone Age of Data’

Mashable's CRO sees 4-year lag in transformative insights

"While we're in the golden age of innovation, we're in the stone age of data."

So says Mashable chief revenue officer Seth Rogin, concisely summing up an underlying CES 2016 theme: that while next-gen tech is here in a big way, the data and data insights that will make it smart and predictive—and really useful for marketers—won't come for at least another four years.

In the interim, Rogin points to Mashable's efforts with PubTech, part of the company's Velocity social-forecasting system, as an example of how to bring readers and marketers into more meaningful content and information-sharing environments.

"The most important thing for a marketer is to find out which tools really matter and get clarity in the system," says Rogin.

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