Why GroupHigh Will Revolutionize Blogger Outreach

Discover a product that makes high-quality blogger outreach less time-consuming and more profitable. The secret? Being able to differentiate the best blogs, having valuable metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest Instagram automatically researched, and having the contact information to reach out and initiate a relationship at your fingertips.

Do you reach out to bloggers? If so, are you frustrated by the time it takes to identify high-quality bloggers or research important metrics such as Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes, Subscribers, and website Traffic?

If this is the case, I think I’ve found a product that will revolutionize this formerly tedious and time-consuming process.

GroupHigh is a subscription-based product that consists of two primary features: Blog Search and Blog Analytics. Paired together with a remarkably simple and speedy interface, GroupHigh will save you time and money while helping you pitch the perfect bloggers during your next outreach campaign.

With GroupHigh you can quickly identify and target blogs who are important in niche areas or write about specific topics.

You can also:

  1. Search for blogs by keyword or category
  2. Filter by social networks including PINTERST and even INSTAGRAM!
  3. Identify blogs that have run contests, sponsored posts, guest posts, or product reviews
  4. Find blogs by city, state, or country (this actually works really well!)
  5. Filter by minimum social network follower counts

GroupHigh isn’t just a media database or a blog search engine though; you can also import your existing spreadsheets of blogs using just the blog’s URL. GroupHigh will lookup all the contact



In the crowded influencer marketing space, any tool that boosts your productivity and simplifies your job is a valuable asset. GroupHigh does this and much more. GroupHigh will walk you through a demo and give you a trial to test its product for free at http://www.grouphigh.com/free-trial/


Anna Festge is a freelance writer and marketing professional who enjoys creating content about shoes,  fashion, travel, and marketing.  Find Anna on LinkedIn