Why Foster Kamer Is Leaving Esquire

Foster Kamer, formerly of Gawker and The Village Voice and BlackBook is leaving after just four months at Esquire for a gig at the New York Observer.

Why’s that?

Well, Observer editor Elizabeth Spiers came calling.

As Kamer writes on his own blog:

“Spiers is someone I told very early on in my career I would follow into war, and the day her new position was announced, I couldn’t get anything done. I was slackjawed. Like a lot of people. And seeing the way people at the Observer have rallied since she arrived is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a place like that, and I’m not alone.”

Kamer will be covering Wall Street, a topic he admits he knows “dick” about. “This will either be a terrible fiasco or a terribly awesome fiasco,” he added, “but either way, I intend on having a lot of fun.”