Why Endure the RFP Process When Robots Will Do It for You?

Danger Will Robinson!

Many hours, people and dollars have been spent on the dreaded RFP.

A necessary evil in public relations, the “request for proposal” is how big brands (or, most likely, the government) get the best deals in public relations, marketing, or creative design.

And while RFPs do present some great opportunities for PR agencies, it’s clear these things take skill and hard work. In other words, not just any monkey could do this work.

But what about a robot? Yeah, really.

agency geek


Welcome to the party, Agency Geek.

This inventive online service does the work and research for you. The website claims the RFP process will now be “a calculated approach to matching businesses with the right agencies before the proposal process happens.”

Think Tinder, minus the fake profiles, swiping arthritis, and schmaltzy pick-up lines.

Through a series of intuitive questions and answers, users tell us about their brand, how they like to work and what they are looking for in a client or agency. We quickly cover everything from payment and communication preferences to geographic location and services offered.

Agency Geek then runs the answers through an equation to uncover fellow users with the highest compatibility. Those users are matched with one another on the site, kicking off an RFP process that makes us wonder why we’ve been doing it any other way.

Corporate matchmaking is here, ladies and gentlemen. You interested? Better yet, think your clients will be?