Why Doesn’t Every Smartphone Platform Have Something like the Nokia Diagnostics App?

YouTube video courtesy of NokiaConversations

Wow, I wish all the major smartphone platforms provided something like this…

Introducing Nokia Diagnostics, an experimental troubleshooting application

This app provides four test types:

Network Coverage test. You can get all the network related information and detect offline status & SIM card presence.
Internet Connectivity test. Perform a real-time Internet connectivity test and identify the setting with which you can have a seamless internet access.
Battery Charger test. Check if your device charges properly with the charger connected.
Loudspeaker, Earpiece test. Check your loudspeaker & earpiece functionality.

The app works with all S60 5th Edition devices like Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5800, and Nokia X6.

You can find the app’s product page at…

Nokia Diagnostics

Do keep in mind that this is a concept app from Nokia Beta Labs. It may disappear or morph into something completely different someday.