Why Does McAfee Name Python and Visual Basic Script as “Mobile Platforms”?

ZDNet combed through security vendor McAfee’s mobile threat report.

McAfee: Malware going mobile

The list of mobile platforms listed in McAfee’s “Mobile Threats by Platform 2009-2010” puzzles me a lot. It lists:

– Symbian OS
– Java 2 Mobile Edition
– Symbian S60 3rd Edition
– Python
– Android
– WinCE (Windows CE)

There’s a couple of oddities in this list as well as a big missing item. The three puzzling items are: Python, MSIL and VBS. None of these are “mobile platforms.” Python is an Open Source programming language, MSIL is Microsoft Intermediate Language, and VBS is presumably Visual Basic Script. Then, there’s the question of the missing 800 pound gorilla: Where is iOS (iPhone and iPad) in this mix? Is it immune to mobile security threats? That would be nice but unlikely.