Why Do People Buy Business Software? User Reviews.

Infographic by software directory provider Capterra.

PR firms around the world have a lot of software clients. How do we know? Because we hear about them in pitch form.

Capterra does not produce software. It provides a directory of business software products and vendors…so it’s like Cision but without the whole “spray and pray” thing.

The company recently conducted a survey to help figure out what makes professionals choose the software they will use for business in a very crowded field. The answer? User reviews.

Of course–like every business study–this one is self-interested: Capterra hosts software reviews, and its own self-produced infographic tells us how valuable those reviews can be.

Still, the results are pretty interesting if you’re looking to promote a software client:

  • A majority of respondents said they need to see at least six reviews of a given software before they can “trust” those reviewers
  • The most trusted sources are experienced/current users whose reviews do not appear on the software company’s own pages
  • A small majority of respondents say they have more trust in a product that has at least a few bad reviews

So, basically: informal reviews posted in forums by professionals currently using the software in question are more valuable than any big-name press placements.

Here’s the infographic.