Why Didn’t Sandy Banks Ask Genie Harrison Any Hard Questions?

Genie Harrison.jpg

Did the LAT figure that Sandy Banks was going to editorialize no matter what, so giving her a column was the lesser of two evils? Today’s offering glamorizes Genie Harrison, the Dog Food Lawyer.

Banks is all fan-girl about Harrison’s reputed bravery in taking the Tennie Pierce case. But while she asks Harrison background questions, she never asks how the lawyer felt about her client’s own participation in firehouse hazing incidents. Or why he changed his story so many times? Maybe Banks didn’t know–her own reporting sure didn’t mention these parts of the story.

But Harrison’s not exactly Atticus Finch in pumps. Who can forget her firm’s brave stand in McClure vs. the City of Long Beach–their clients, a pair of would-be nursing home operators got $22.5 million, after 12 years of litigation.