Why Did ‘WSJ’ Reporter Bury Inspiration for Article?

Book by Anne Kreamer given short shrift

Wednesday's Wall Street Journal looked into the question of why people cry, a subject that’s gained some momentum in the news lately. The answers are found in a Life & Culture section article by culture reporter Katherine Rosman, who reports on new research into various types of tears, the differences between how men and women cry, and why people cry in the first place.

These topics, it turns out, also happen to be the focus of Anne Kreamer's new book, It’s Always Personal: Emotion in the New Workplace, which came out the week of April 4. (The book was excerpted in Adweek’s April 4 issue.) Rosman interviewed Kreamer for the piece, and in a tweet, she admitted her story about crying was inspired by Kreamer’s book.

Yet Kreamer got hardly a mention in the article—she doesn’t appear until the 1,220-word story is nearly done, and even then only one paragraph is devoted to her book. So why did Rosman’s piece bury Kreamer? Adweek emailed Rosman for comment; we'll update this piece with her response if we hear back.

Update: A WSJ rep emailed a statement on Rosman's behalf, saying: "Ms. Rosman's reporting is wholly her own and was based on many sources, including Anne Kreamer's work, which is properly credited."