Why Did Charmin Delete This Great Thor Tweet?

Given all the social media PR Fails you read about (like this one and this one and this one), we understand why lots of SM managers and copywriters are a little hesitant to get edgy on Facebook and Twitter.

But this is getting a little ridiculous. On Friday, Charmin posted a twitpic tie-in to the Thor 2 premier and got a little cheeky with their copy (which was totally appropriate because they use humor to sell toilet paper, people):

Yes, we see what you did there. Nice graphic too. Yet the tweet was gone almost as soon as it went up, destined to join other, far more offensive messages in the social media sewer. Why?

AdAge theorizes that the company’s strategy may have been to delete the tweet in order to increase the conversation and keep it in the news.

While we appreciate their logic and their many superior bathroom puns, we’ve never heard of that strategy before—and based on Charmin’s responses, we have to assume that they received too many “you took it too far” complaints:

Did people really force Charmin to take this one down?

We’re starting to feel like grumpy old men—overwhelmed by a desire to tell the kids to get off our lawn despite the fact that we don’t have one.

UPDATE: We’ve just been made aware of the obvious fact that this was probably a copyright issue because Marvel Comics is nowhere near as cool as they used to be. Now we’ll go back to feeling old and grumpy.

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