Why David Sedaris Loves Tokyo

On Monday, we popped over to Lincoln Center for an evening with raconteur and author (of books with Chip Kidd-designed covers!) David Sedaris. Before the show, we ran into David’s charming and crafty sister Amy, who recommends weaving up some colorful potholders for everyone on your holiday shopping list, but we didn’t know that Andrew Andrew were in attendance until we got home and read it on Twitter. The sell-out crowd at Avery Fisher Hall was treated to a round of Sedaris’ tales that began and ended in a North Carolina Costco. Then talk turned to Tokyo.

“I went there for three months on vacation. And to stop smoking,” said Sedaris. The cessation vacation worked, and he became enchanted with the city. “In Tokyo, you get out of the subway and look around and say, ‘Oh, I get it, this is like their Times Square,’ and then you get back on the subway and get off at another stop at say, ‘Oh, wait, this is like Times Square.’ Basically, the entire city looks like Times Square.” And watch out, Costco. “The shopping in Tokyo is unbelievable, the best in the world,” Sedaris told the crowd. “Someone will say to you, ‘This is my shop. It’s filled only with things that look like a mushroom.'” Should you visit Tokyo, leave your biases at home. “Don’t believe what you see in Lost in Translation,” advised Sedaris. “That’s a movie about jet lag that just happens to be set in Japan.”