Why Comedians Don’t Upload Press Releases


I often click through to free and smaller press release upload services when writing For Immediate Release Fridays when hoping to find that bad news so furtively shoved in the closet at the end of the week.

So I became excited by the potential for LOL upon finding the Comedy Newswire recently. Ambitious and creative comics could have a field day with it, and conceivably upload a release every time they run an errand or walk their dog.

Why hasn’t their been a release since Emo Phillips talked to R. Chris Brown back in February?

I asked our favorite comedian and Fishbowl L.A. blogger Tina Dupuy to explain (after the jump):

“My guess why comics don’t use that site is because there are only 2000 working comics in this country and only 500 jobs on any given evening. So a) information is kept close to one’s chest and b) there are only so many comedian tramped sites and that apparently isn’t one of them. Comics still rely on asking each other,”What do you think of that guy?” Instead of looking up dude on google or his facebook page. Because when comics arent funny – it just means that they will be important soon. Not funny comedians become bookers and agents and club owners. So you can’t possible have it known that you know they arent funny – because then you could lose out on one of the only five hundred gigs. And since bookers and agents don’t troll the internet to find new comedic talent there’s no motivation to change that. But I’m just guessing.”