Why Capital One Chose Vox Creative to Promote Its New Credit Card

'Happiness research' resulted in a new kind of paid content

Vox Creative worked with Capital One to produce branded content about all kinds of food experiences. Vox Creative
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Brands have been working with publishers to create bespoke native content for some time now. It’s not unusual to see a recipe sponsored by Crisco, for instance, or a travel guide sponsored by Delta.

So why would Capital One turn to Vox Creative with its documentary style of video production to get customers interested in its new food-and-dining rewards credit card Savor?

At first blush, some of Vox Creative’s content for the campaign has little to do with credit cards or banks—and that’s deliberate.

With placement on Vox’s Eater website, which is dedicated to all things food and dining, as well as distribution on Facebook and YouTube, the content speaks to curious enthusiasts. From a mini documentary about unsustainable seafood-shipment practices to a profile of a chef who uses indigenous ingredients, Vox Creative made content that would engage and excite people who already love food and unique experiences.

“We wanted to rely on Vox’s expertise,” said Katya Andresen, Capital One’s svp of consumer card experience. “They’re a breakout leader in the content marketing space, and [this campaign] is focused on the fantastic storytelling about things that matter to people who care about food and experiences.”

Thanks to Capital One’s willingness to let Vox take the lead, the content explores many aspects of the food spectrum.

“We were given the time and space to work closely with our editors, as consultants, to ensure the decisions we made and our executions matched the level of quality of our editorial brands and would really resonate with the audience,” said Cristina Cerullo, creative director for Vox Creative. “Capital One was willing to take those risks with us and let us define what innovation in food meant in our own way.”

Vox Creative’s videos have earned millions of views across Facebook and YouTube in just a couple of weeks, mostly organically.

Vox’s goal was to stay away from the kind of content “that unnaturally tries to incorporate brand messaging and force product placement,” Cerullo said. “Create content that matters to people, and consider the audience first and foremost, always.”

Capital One’s goal was simple and came about as a result of some unique research.

“We wanted to look at what makes people happy when they spend money, and through some happiness research on our end, we found that money can make us happy when it enables us to have experiences with people we love,” Andresen said.

@samimain sami.main@adweek.com Sami Main is social editor for Adweek, where she posts Adweek content onto social platforms and looks for creative ways to communicate what's new.