Why Can’t Little Joey (In the Marketing Department) Read?

VF doesn't read

Vanity Fair is offering a vacation sweepstakes package to Vegas that includes tickets to see Celine Dion LIVE at the Colosseum. (If image upload were working, I’d upload that super creepy Dion/Anne Geddes album cover that I’ve already pilloried once for condoning the practice of dressing the nation’s youth as decorative plant life and subjecting them to Celine Dion before they’re even able to walk. But I digress.)
What the marketing department has apparently overlooked is that VF’s associated profile of Vegas (and Dion) was written by the vicious—and viciously funny—A.A. Gill, who is best known for nasty reviews (he once began a restaurant review with, “where’s a good Palestinian suicide bomber when you need one?”) and his review of Vegas and Dion wasn’t very flattering. If I get my hands on it, I’ll find some choice quotes.