Why Are You Retweeting Compliments Of Yourself?

-Twitter Etiquette-

I see it everyday: somebody posts a compliment of somebody and the person who has been complimented retweets it. I have no idea why people do this because the last time I received a compliment, my response was “Thank you!” Twitter most definitely has its own etiquette but is the best way to thank someone really by retweeting their compliment to you? Testimonials are great but they work best when combined with other information.

I love all the people that compliment me and I love many of the people I’m following but is it really necessary to post every time somebody writes something positive about you? Look, I love bragging about myself just as much as the next guy (which I why I do so on my about page), but doing so on Twitter becomes a little bit redundant. Perhaps I’ll piss off a lot of people who have retweeted their followers who wrote compliments about them, but I’d like to know if this is the proper etiquette.

If it is the proper etiquette I’m still going to avoid it because a new user on Twitter will immediately wonder why on earth I’m retweeting something someone else wrote about me. I think you get the point though! I know we are taught to be narcissists in the world of social media but I can guarantee you that those who became successful through social media are not tweeting about themselves most of the time.

Yes, celebrities and cewebrities find it necessary to tweet about themselves all the time but most people don’t become well know for talking about themselves all the time. Am I totally off here? Perhaps this is just a random rant but there has to be some sort of limit on how many times we reference ourselves is our tweets and status updates.

Twitter etiquette image from PC World