Why Are iPad App Prices Dropping Dramatically So Soon?

Something funny is happening with iPad app prices: They are dropping like rocks. The first sign I noticed as Smule’s Magic Piano (iPad only) dropped from its initial $2.99 price to 99 cents when Smule released their Glee (Universal iPhone/iPad app) just a week later. Glee was priced at $2.99 too. I noticed late yesterday that Glee’s price has dropped to 99 cents too. This reduced price is noted as a “special”. But, this comes just a week afer its introduction.

A friend of mine who knew I was in search of a racing game for the iPad told me about Cocoto Kart HD Online priced at $4.99 yesterday morning. This is a 112MB download. So, I waited until evening to buy and download it. By Wednesday evening its price had dropped to 99 cents too. And, yes, I bought a copy for 99 cents.

If you wander around the iTunes App Store for iPad apps, you’ll find a lot of app price drops. RadioMaze went from $1.99 to free. Tilt HD dropped from $4.99 to free. What’s the Difference also dropped from $4.99 to free. WeatherBug Elite for iPad? Same price drop.

App price drops are not unusual. However, with the iPad less than a month old, I find it a bit odd that apps that appear to be category leaders or at least reasonably popular have already had price drops.