Whose Shoes?

We’re easing back into the work week with this picture of the shoes of a well-known D.C. media personality. Check for hints on Twitter at @fishbowlDC. We’ll also provide hints here on the site.
Please send your guesses to fishbowlDC@mediabistro.com or to me at fishbowlbetsy@gmail.com. It is a she by the way. Update: Don’t be confused by the clunky black shoes to the left — we’re looking at the tiger print ballet flats.
Hint #1: She knows how to stir up controversy.
Hint #2: She has had a cameo on TV’s “Roseanne.”
Hint #3: Her birthday is coming up.
Hint #4: She has been into meditative practices.
Hint #5: She has been on The L Word.
Hint #6: When she touches WaPo columnist George Will’s arm on “This Week” during the roundtable it’s humorous. The conservative columnist looks completely irritated.