Whose Shoes?

Today’s installment of Whose Shoes has more than a hint of Halloween to it. This Washington scribe wore these shoes on Halloween as part of a lounge act costume – which lounge we’re not sure. We’re going to drag this one out mercilessly until someone guesses right. We’ll provide hints here and on Twitter (@FishbowlDC). The big reveal comes later this afternoon.

Send your guesses to FishbowlDC@mediabistro.com or to me at FishbowlBetsy@gmail.com. All guesses are anonymous unless otherwise specified.

And we’re off…

Hint #1: The journalist is male.

Hint #2: The shoes are real leopard fur. We’ll tell you later where they are from. We don’t want to give anything away too soon.

Hint #3: The journo is said to be conversant in Spanish.

Hint #4: He once drank milk straight from a camel’s udder, which has four teats.

Hint #5: He once had his wallet stolen in Vietnam. It was a well-planned crime. The thieves roughed him up and gave him a black eye.