Whose Fault is ‘This Week’?

stephanopoulos.jpgHarry Jaffe’s latest column looks at how ABC is struggling with “This Week.” His case-in-point is an amusingly non-hard-hitting exchange about John Edwards’ caffeine addiction, and he points to how “This Week” has lost 35 percent of its audience since September 2003:

ABC News has pinned the blame for This Week’s low ratings on matters beyond its control: The problem was that affiliates aired it at odd times. The problem was it followed weak programs. The problem was that George was still learning the ropes or getting used to new formats.

After laying out the game board, Jaffe gets right to the point: Is the problem not with the show, but with the host? More on George: “The former boy wonder of the Clinton White House, he’s too cute and fresh-faced, a bit too eager, a little too Barbara Walters to deliver hard news analysis.”

Will the ‘This Week’-‘Nightline’ host switch-a-roo actually happen? As Jaffe says, it seems like it’d be good for everyone involved.