Who’s The New Scott?

Everyone’s been waiting for the shake-up, and now it’s here: Scott McClellan‘s job is suddenly open. We’d been expecting this for a couple of days–here’s the exchange from Monday’s press briefing:

Q: Scott, you’re one of those visible members of the President’s senior staff. Do you plan to stay on?

MR. McCLELLAN: Are you trying to tempt me here?

Q: Not at all.

MR. McCLELLAN: Look, I never speculate about personnel matters.

Q: “Personnel” or “personal” or both?

MR. McCLELLAN: Two years in this position is a long time, I’m very mindful of that. But, look, I never get into any of that speculation.

That was Monday. Now first thing on Wednesday, McClellan is saying adios to the briefing podium (probably with a substantial amount of relief). So here’s a question: Who gets his position? We’ve heard three names bandied about recently, which, as Stephen Colbert would say, both have an air of “truthiness” to them.

Is Dan Senor, he now of Campbell Brown fame, considering stepping back into the administration?

What about Fox News host Tony Snow? Might he be willing to give up his lucrative posts to be the public face of the Bush White House? Fox says the White House has approached him.

Or former Pentagon spokeswoman Torie Clarke? She’s well-liked and has had a high-profile recently with her book, Lipstick On a Pig. But might the principles of PR–primarily openness and honesty–she outlines in her book be anti-thetical to the White House’s approach?

How about it? If David Gregory doesn’t get to play verbal judo with McClellan anymore, who might become his new sparring partner? Email us or use the tip box.