Who’s the Interviewer?

Last night MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough returned to the clubby enclaves of Congress to chum around with his old pals for the State of the Union address. This time he was accompanied by co-host Mika Brzezinksi. We hear they were loitering outside the GOP cloakroom off the House floor during the speech.  Afterward, Scarborough, much like his old lawmaker self, granted interviews.

Who was this interviewer? Capitol Hill journos must know. Or you, the interviewer could reveal yourself. Write us at FishbowlDC@mediabistro.com and tell us, or send in your guesses. We hope to reveal the mystery male questioner by the end of the day.

> Update: We’ve figured out who the interviewer is with a small degree of confusion and an alternative guess. But now some want to know who is the brunette to the right? She’s a reporter. Update #2: We’re being told from a source who was inside the Chamber in Section 9 and two rows back from the MSNBC power duo that Mika actually spent “80 percent” of the speech inside the Chamber minus Joe.

> Update #3: The big reveal. So the reporter who is interviewing Scarborough is The Daily Caller‘s Jeff Winkler. Another guess that came in before a slew of his colleagues informed me was a reporter who thought that I should obviously know that it was “Robert Draper…come on.” Draper is a correspondent for GQ. As for the brunette, my source is still annoyingly holding out on me and making me play guessing games. The woman in the picture allegedly works for Politico. > Update #4: Last update on this. Thankfully. It’s Natasha Lennard of Politico “Click.”