Who’s Asking “Follow Me” More — Men or Women? [Infographic]

It’s a strange thing to ask someone to “follow you”.  I imagine old settlers in frontier America inviting people to their caravan, a la Oregon Trail, using the same language hundreds of years ago — although at that time the commitment would be a lot greater.  These days, when somebody asks a person to “follow me,” it’s usually just a notch on the belt for people that use social services to count their friends.  Am I being too pessimistic?

Maybe, but I find that on social networks, the people who really should be followed rarely ask others to follow them.  We, as individuals on a social network, make the effort to get out there and find the people we care about, and the truth is that people who search for their favorite contacts usually end up with the best kind of social web — i.e., my Twitter feed is now pretty good, because I don’t follow everyone I see.

Top Image: Werner Heiber via Shutterstock