Whorld of Wharton Take 3

When we last left Paul Wharton, he was in NYC chowing down on mac and cheese. And this week, he picks right back up in the Big Apple by getting his “look right.” He has a busy day of interviews and parties. We find him sitting down to get his brows done at a place that was recently featured in Vogue. We know this because Paul, star of Paul Wharton Style on Channel 50 on Sunday’s at noon,  lets us know this at several junctures during the brow treatment. He also gets a hot oil treatment on his hair. While we aren’t as familiar with the procedure as Wharton is, we became slightly concerned at the amount of smoke and/or steam rising from Paul’s dome during the procedure. He seemed to be enjoying it, though.

After Paul gets his look right, he ventures off to sit down with another one of the ladies from “The Real Housewives of Bullshit County” or whatever the show is called. This time, it was Alex McCord, who was recently booted off the show.

Out of the blue, Wharton asks McCord to cook for him. The two of them then float into the kitchen to make a shrimp and veggie stir fry. The highlight of the show, HANDS DOWN, was the moment when McCord tosses some veggies into the hot oil. Some oils splashes and Wharton shrieked and covered his beautiful hair the way a soldier in the trenches of WWII cover their heads. We’ve seen Olympic sprinters who move slower than Paul trying to protect those locks.

Wharton then moves on to Ryan Serhant, who is the host of Million Dollar Listing. (I don’t know who he is, either.) They are viewing a penthouse apartment in NYC that is going on the market for $8 million. Paul recoils and says he can’t afford it. “Do you know how many makeovers I would have to do for 8 million dollars?! A LOTTA ugly women.” After that, they sit down for another in-depth interview. We started zoning out the more this real estate agent on steroids went on and on and on.

Paul then cruises to a fashion show and bores us to tears talking to a fashion designer. Things get interesting when he hears that supermodel/DJ Skye Nellor is getting her hair done next door. Wharton gathers his camera and walk-and-talks his way over to the salon to chat with her. It turns into a commercial for the special brand of hair extensions that she’s using. It works by “sandwiching” the real hair and the extensions. As she professes her love for the product, she says that she loves the hair sandwich. We nearly did a spit take when Wharton asked her if she’s interested in making “a human sandwich.”  Then we actually did do a spit take when she responded that she “wants a human sandwich, too! That sounds good for later!” We don’t know how to put this delicately, but if she’s thinking of being sandwiched by Wharton and her hairdresser, she’s in for an evening of brutal disappointment.

All in all, this was a solid episode. There was plenty of Paul. Not just letting boring guests hijack the show. This episode was done exclusively in NYC.  We’re anxious for him to return home to D.C. for next week’s episode.