Whoops: DCRTV Lifts Another Story

Old habits die hard.

DCRTV’s Dave Hughes must have had an awful case of deja vu Thursday because he did something he does often –  he lifted a story and quotes that weren’t his. Hughes is by far the most egregious rip off artist in the D.C. blogosphere. He does it day in and day out and this week was no exception.

Note to Dave: Does this story sound familiar? It should because you lifted it straight from an FBDC story in which Washington Examiner Editor Stephen Smith explained why the newspaper missed the snowstorm.

Hughes writes.. “Editor Stephen Smith tells a local blogger that the freebie tabloid moved up its Wednesday news deadline by two hours in order that many of its staffers could make it home before the weather it.”

If you check out his webstats on Alexa.com — oh wait, you can’t! Because his traffic is so low, that data is unavailable for the past three months. “Historical data not available for sites ranked below 100,000.”

(No link. No links for story thieves.)