Whoopi Goldberg Fails to Understand Guest Host S.E. Cupp’s Rationale on ‘The View’

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 16.11.38The day after FOX 5’s Emily Miller guest co-hosted “The View” for the second time in a week, CNN’s S.E. Cupp was back for her third attempt to woo the network.

On the topic of a Georgia mall that told a fitness group who formed a prayer circle that doing so was against mall policy, Cupp and co-host Whoopi Goldberg seemed not to see eye to eye on the issue, and because Goldberg couldn’t differentiate between two scenarios Cupp was referencing.

“Let me just say, as an atheist, I don’t like to be proselytized,” said Cupp. “But I also don’t see who a prayer circle is hurting. This makes no sense to me. And frankly, the freedom of religion clause in the First Amendment exists so that you can worship in public without fear of persuction. That’s why America exists in fact.”

Just after Goldberg clapped her hands in front of her own face to “get” Cupp’s attention, asking the CNN-er, “Did you hear what I said?” host Sherri Shepperd announced to the crowd, “Welcome to next season.”

While the remarks may have been exciting for Cupp and Cupp fans, an ABC publicist told FishbowlDC that, “No decision has been made.”

Watch here.