Reuters Website on the Mend?

Want to read something from the Opinion section of the Reuters website? Well, you may be in luck. But if you checked in just a few minutes ago or any time in the past week, you would have received the apology note below.

Strangely enough, within the past half hour the Opinion section is back up and running with media writer Jack Shafer’s latest column third in the mix. But please note, the blog section, where writers like Shafer and Felix Salmon ordinarily live, is still down.

Reuters and WSJ recently reported that the blogging platform of its website had been hacked. Posted on the site was a false story declaring that Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister had died. On August 3, they wrote, “Reuters was forced to shut the platform temporarily after the appearance of unauthorized, and false, reports citing military reverses for rebels in Syria.”

The url for Reuters Opinion section has been down for more than one week and there are a variety of screwy things going on with the website. For instance, a click on “Tales From the Trail” still gets you nowhere.

Columns from Shafer are still running, just in another area of the site. Most recently he had a story yesterday on the usefulness of presidential conventions. In short, he doesn’t think they’re that useful — “Yes, the news-to-blather ratio is huge,” he writes. He also tells readers it’s okay to not watch at all: “Go ahead and scan the newspaper and Web accounts of the event if you must, but feel free to watch something else on TV.”

For now Shafer’s work is most easily found by typing in his name — other attempts just result in yanking out your hair follicles and PTSD tremors from navigating WaPo‘s website.