Whoa! Politico Summer School-Really?

For any interns out there who have dreams of one day working hard, getting yelled at by Tim Grieve and rarely sleeping, then this may be the camp for you.

It’s called Politico Summer School. The publication is offering it to interns who want to have “the most fun summer school you’ll ever attend.” God, if they put it like that, where the hell do we sign up? They will learn what it’s like to be a reporter from the likes of Politico Playbook great Mike Allen and NBC’s Chuck Todd, to name a few listed in the lineup.

Here’s an invitation that Capitol Hill intern Colin Campbell received. “Finally, some love for us scummy interns,” he wrote us. His Twitter (he’s really okay if we promote it) is @colincjcampbell.

Dear Colin,

Join POLITICO for the most fun summer school you’ll ever attend! POLITICO’s Mike Allen and Emily Schultheis will chat with Deputy White House Communications Director Jen Psaki and NBC Political Director Chuck Todd about how they got started in politics and their careers in public service.

Details: Aug. 3; Newseum
Join the Conversation: @POLITICOSummer

Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Colin is already salivating at the thought of attending Politico Summer School. He told me over email, “Are you kidding me?! I roll out of bed each morning in hopes of waking up to an email from my man crush Mike Allen. I’ve been trying to grow a Chuck Todd goatee since I was 10. I’ll have more thrills running up my leg than Chris Matthews on election night!” He added in a subsequent email (as if we couldn’t tell), “Heck ya I’m excited!”