Who You Follow On Twitter Says A Lot About You

A while back, I did a post about celebs who revealed their haircuts on twitter and what that said about them. I believe that things like what you carry around in your wallet as well as what kind of wallet you carry says a lot about you.

So I wanted to investigate the people whom I and others follow on Twitter and see if it is an accurate representation of who we are. Here’s what I discovered:

– About 80% of the tweeps I follow have something to do with food. Now while that’s no surprise to me, those who know me in other facets of the world might not know about my daily obsession.

– If you choose to follow me and you’re legit, I will probably follow you. I feel unbelievably lucky to have any followers at all, so I follow people that follow me, even if they’re out of my range of interests. And it’s the same in real life. In high school, if you wanted to be my friend, that was that. It wasn’t until a decade later that I realized that people formed friendships based on common interests and not just out of kindness.

– I was surprised to see that I follow a lot of beauty people. While I do write about beauty for my product review blog The Knack, it’s something that I wrote about more for magazines, back when magazines hired freelancers.

– Ah, the tech and social media folks. I follow these lovely writers, bloggers and strategists with the hunched shoulders, cramped fingers and cables and plugs covering the floor because tech excites and challenges me. It also allows me to multitask and know a lot about stuff that none of my friends could care less about. In fact, most of them aren’t even on Twitter. Sigh. One step at a time…

To compare, I thought I’d look into someone we probably both know of and see if we can assess what kind of person they are. Let’s take @PamelaDAnderson, for example. She is only following 5 folks:

@CynfulCyndi Made myself platinum,but was born a dirty blonde ♥ *Personal Assistant Extraordinaire* #BEACH #BOXING #SURFERS #SINGING #SCORPIO #INK #FITNESS #ANIMALS

@hotrod4087 57 yr. old male just trying to survive in crazy screwed world…

@DamzyLand Graphic Design student and potential retard at Central St Martins. (Website in the works)

@beemamick I’D rather be scared to death than bored!!! survivor of near fatal bike crash at 3:15ish sunday 1st august 2004 which indicates my work here is not finished

@Natasha Yi Actress/International Model&Covergirl-FHM,Maxim,Playboy,Ironman,Mens Fitness,Zoo,Show,VanityFair,Nokia,Pepsi,Sony,Regis,Nike,Target manager@NatashaYiOnline.com

Pamela is like many celebs, choosing to follow very few folks. As she should. I mean, she couldn’t possibly follow all of her 404,151Followers. She’d never get anything done – she’d just be constantly replying to tweets and various offers. As if she doesn’t already have to do that anyway.

But still, those 5 folks that she’s following says a lot, doesn’t it?

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