“Who Wrote The Book Of Love” Is Free eBook Today

Valentine’s Day is only a couple of weeks away and to get you in the mood for love, today’s Free eBook of the Day is Who Wrote the Book of Love? By Lee Siegel.

The book is a memoir about the sexual coming of age of an American boy in Southern California in the 1950s and is drenched in humor. The book’s description explains more: “Starting at the beginning of the decade, in the year that Stalin announced that the Soviet Union had developed an atomic bomb, the book opens with a child’s first memory of himself. Closing at the end of the decade, when Pat Boone’s guide to dating, ‘Twixt Twelve and Twenty, topped the bestseller list, the book culminates just moments before the boy experiences for the first time what he had learned from a book read to him by his mother was called ‘coitus or sexual intercourse or sometimes, less formally, just making love.’”

The University of Chicago Press has a free download of the book for the month of February.

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