Who Would Name a Morning Show 'Daybreak'?

Jonathan Wald, who will helm Piers Morgan’s new CNN show, was making a little joke this morning with this Tweet:

Who would ever name a real morning show “Daybreak”? http://nyti.ms/cYF02Q Crazy. http://nyti.ms/cmIRZr

Wald was comparing the fictitious “Daybreak” which is the name of the morning show in the new movie “Morning Glory“, to a real AOL Web series, to be called “Daybreak.”

But what Wald may have forgotten is that his new employer had an early morning news show called “Daybreak” for many years. Hosted by Carol Costello, CNN “Daybreak” went off the air in 2005 when “American Morning” was expanded to 4 hours.

But seriously, are their really that few original names for morning news programs?