Who Won the Battle of March Madness Brands?

Nationwide and AT&T duked it out for No. 1

College basketball concluded another memorable, 68-team, three-week tournament best known as March Madness. And while hoops fans were entertained last night by the championship game, with Duke defeating Wisconsin 68-63, a battle was ensuing on the court of branding.

AT&T took on Nationwide for the title of best March Madness brand—well, as long as you are willing to play along a little bit.

Two weeks ago, 4C Insights created a fun Sweet 16 bracket—with seeds one through 16, just like in collegiate hoops. The data player analyzed March Madness television advertisers during the entire NCAA tournament, focusing on which companies got the biggest brand lifts through social media engagement (mostly Twitter retweets and favorites, and Facebook likes, video views and shares).

The Chicago-based company's Final Four matchups pitted Nationwide against Target and AT&T versus Samsung. Check out the winning brand below, as well as how each of the Sweet 16 marketers scored over the past two weekends.

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