Who Will Replace Leibovich?

The Post has posted the job entry for Mark Leibovich’s position (he’ll soon head to the New York Times). (Job description after the jump) Posties are telling us that lots of young reporters have been seen entering the offices of Assistant Managing Editor/Style Deb Heard and her deputy, Steve Reiss.

The odds on favorite may be Libby Copeland (which would certainly upset at least one local resident), but Peter Carlson and Richard Leiby may also be in the running (although it’s unclear that they actually want the position).


In a town awash in political reporters, Style has an opening for one of the best jobs of its kind. We need a person to write compelling profiles of people in (or out of) power, to see the humor in the political story of the day, to discern the cultural importance of developments at the White House or on the Hill, to zig when the 9,999 political reporters at other publications are zagging. (This is the position being vacated by Mark Leibovich, who is leaving to join the New York Times.)

Style has a reputation for being one of the most acute observers and explainers of political Washington. Previous experience covering politics is nice, but not necessary. We’re more interested in qualities like the ability to speed readers through a long narrative and a willingness to buck the conventional wisdom and see the world from a different angle.

To apply, please contact Deb Heard (xxxx) Steve Reiss (xxxx), Ann Gerhart (xxxx), Kathy Tolbert (xxxx), Lisa Frazier (xxxx) or Peter Perl (xxxx) by April 15.