Who Will Be the Largest Mobile Social Networks?

Matthaus Krzykowski has posted an article on Venturebeat about the current trends of mobile social networks and discussing who will end up being the leaders in the space. Currently Facebook and Myspace are the dominant mobile social networks but many are wondering if any of the mobile-only social networks will give the already dominant players a run for their money.

Matthaus points out the mobile only social network Mocospace who has over 1 billion views worldwide so far. This is in contrast to Myspace mobile who had 1.4 billion page views last month alone. Myspace is currently the most dominant mobile social network according to a report out by Nielsen yesterday. Facebook has also experienced explosive growth through the iPhone version of the site as well as the Blackberry application.

There is also a whole suite of existing social networks which are only for mobile and you probably haven’t heard of (I know I definitely haven’t). This includes AirG, Jumbuck, Buzzcity, MyGamma, Bluepulse and Zannel. This space has a ton of diversity and still a massive amount of growth left. I would argue that this space will be growing faster than the web based social networking sites over the next few years.

Currently there are physical limitations to how robust the social networks can get but as this space transforms it will be extremely exciting. Are there any mobile social networks that you use? What do you think are the best ones so far?

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