Who Says There’s No Money In Media…Or HR?

aol.jpgAOL executive vice president of communications Tricia Primrose and AOL EVP of HR Dave Harmon both earned about half a million dollars last year, Silicon Valley Insider reports. Primrose received $428,333 in salary and $182,466 in stock awards, and Harmon got $414,978 in salary with $89,922 in stock.

The figures, SAI writes, come from an AOL filing with the SEC outlining the company’s “philosophy” for talent management.

“Compensation should reflect the competitive marketplace to enable the Company to attract, retain and motivate talented executive officers over the long term.”

hr_bellcurve.pngNo kidding. Salary.com places the median compensation for a top HR exec at about $200k yearly, slightly higher for the mid-Atlantic region (where AOL was based til earlier this year). Communications EVPs earn a median salary of $181k.

Competitive indeed!