Who Really Are DC’s Top Twitterers?

The other day, FishbowlDC blogger-turned-Politico reporter, Patrick Gavin came up with a list of the Top 10 most influential DC Twitterers. His list was subjective and not based on actual followers.

Gavin’s Top 10:

1. Karl Rove
2. Sen. Claire McCaskill
3. David Gregory
4. Barack Obama
5. Newt Gingrich
6. Ana Marie Cox
7. Sen. Chuck Grassley
8. Joe Trippi
9. Patrick Ruffini
10. Al Gore

Again, the above list is not based on actual followers, but the list below is. It was compiled by the LATimes’ Top of the Ticket blog. They used the tracking service Twellow.

There are only two repeats: Karl Rove and Ana Marie Cox.

1. NPR Politics
2. Ana Marie Cox
3. John Dickerson
4. John McCain
5. NPR News
6. George Stephanopoulos
7. Jim Long (and this is where we tell you Jim is part of the TVNewser Summit Panel on the New Tools of the Trade)
8. Obama News
9. Karl Rove
10. Casey Wach

The LATimes gave a dishonorable mention to Al Gore: “The former vice-president of the Clinton administration should be at the top, right? Because he doesn’t list a location associated with his account, he is invisible to Twellow’s local ranking system. Rule No. 1 of social media: Fill out your entire profile. Come on, Al. An Internet inventor should know that.”