Who Owns Those Photos You Share from your Phone?

How many times have you snapped a photo with your phone and shared it via a Twitter tweet linking to the photo on Twitpic? Once posted, the photo is viewable by anyone and you do not have much control over how it gets used by other people. But, did you know that Twitpic signed an agreement with a company named World Entertainment News Network (WENN) and that WENN can sell those photos for publication? Moreover, you agreed to this when you agreed to Twitpic’s service agreement.

Fine Print Blurs Who’s in Control of Online Photos (New York Times)

This is mostly a concern for professional photographers. However, we all should be aware of what we agree too in service agreements of all kinds that involves content we create and share with our friends and collegues.

The New York Times article closes with a quote by a lawyer focused on legal issues for photographers: “You’re acknowledging those terms of services, you’re bound by them,” Ms. Wright said. “Even if you don’t read them.”

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