Who Owns The H Street Beat?

Who knew that this would become such a cat-fight?

Readers write in:

  • “Jesus H.! is all we who know the Washington Business Journal inside out can say about the ‘I was on H Street first’ slap fest. http://washington.bizjournals.com/washington/stories/2004/05/24/story4.html A quick search on the site reveals a whole lotta Englert, Abdo and H Street history. Maybe not as many as Roll Call, but still enough to giggle when the Post gets all territorial.”

  • “Indeed we are SO TIRED of ‘being beated by Roll Call’! Seriously, I think the original poster was just trying to make the point that to claim ANYONE can ‘beat’ ANYONE with a lightweight service-journalism piece on a ‘hot neighborhood’ story is pretty silly. I mean, right? It’s not exactly a competitive situation. If it were — well, a quick Lexis-Nexis search of Washington Post stories finds 237 stories… And I think we all need to get a new hobby.”

  • “i mean, honestly: who fucking cares? but that roll call is crying for some attention is pretty funny. it’s not like it’s a scoop. new bars opening! gentrification! cool! zzzz.

    a nexis search for h street ne turns up 198 post hits since 2001, by the way. so speaking in terms of sheer numbers of references, roll call is getting its ass kicked in its own backyard.”

  • “numbers are just that: numbers. that roll caller’s nexis search doesn’t mean shit. talk about whiners…

    among RC’s 69 (not 68) ‘ h street northeast ‘ hits in nexis:

    -Officers said Seventh and H streets Northeast is probably “the biggest market,” meaning that is where drug addicts go to buy their next fix.

    -Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6A’s Public Safety Committee voted unanimously on Wednesday to have the ANC support an anti-crime program that would employ the use of closed-circuit cameras. As part of a plan to cut down on crime in hard-hit areas of Washington, D.C., Deputy Mayor Edward Reiskin proposed legislation last month that would create a pilot program placing closed-circuit cameras in several D.C. locations – one of which is an alley by Linden Place Northeast, off the H Street Northeast corridor.

    -Solberg served in the first district since July 2004. He immediately began getting to know the area by walking along H Street Northeast and introducing himself to business owners, he said. Just as important, he added, was getting to know the police officers assigned to the area and gaining their trust.

    -“This Old House” has renovated homes across the country since 1979, but this is the first time the show has ever ventured to the nation’s capital. But it is a fitting time, as much of the city – from the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative in Southwest to H Street Northeast in Capitol Hill — is in the throes of a revitalization effort.

    -Looking ahead, the BID would like to expand its 81-block service area to the Anacostia waterfront along M Street Southeast within the next year or so – a move that would double its jurisdiction. It would also like to broaden its purview to include the Capitol campus, and even H Street Northeast, said Didden. Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer has expressed support for the idea, as has the Architect of the Capitol’s office, but lack of federal funding remains an obstacle, Didden added.