Who Needs Martha’s Vineyard? I’d Rather See Specter & Schumer

John Eggerton of Broadcasting & Cable writes (perhaps wishfully?) about the possibility of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that would center on the White House’s treatment of leaked information. The case in point, advanced by NY Democrat Senator Charles Schumer: why a New York Times leak brings more of an uproar from the administration than a Washington Times leak.

Committee chair Arlen Specter didn’t suggest any specific timing for such a hearing, but we think it would be a dandy way to spend a summer day. We’ll offer to bring a nice bucket of cole slaw, and NPR can bring the microphones. Spector specifically suggested NPR provide gavel to gavel coverage of such a hearing, after Monday’s NPR piece by Ari Shapiro suggested that things weren’t exactly hunky-dory between Spector’s committee and the Justice Department these days.