Who Knew Yahoo Had a Web Show in Its 5th Season?

Toyota signs on for Shine series approaching 800 episodes

The long running series M*A*S*H produced 255 episodes. Dallas, 357, and that was before it was revived on TNT.

Turns out neither show can touch Who Knew. Who knew?

Yahoo's isn't-that-interesting general interest news series Who Knew will produce its 800th episode this summer. Produced by Shine America, the show is now in its fifth season, with Toyota coming back as its official sponsor.

Shows like Who Knew and Primetime in No Time (500 million streams) are the secret engine behind the success of Yahoo and its portal rivals in video. While not touted during events like the NewFronts or SXSW, these series are great at capturing a mainstream Yahoo audience; Who New was established as a show based in part on what Yahoo users are searching for.

However, Season 5 will see some tweaks. Look for more topical episodes (this week's touches on the Steubenville rape case), a new narrator and more animation.