Who? Jonathan Ive, That’s Who


Apparently being honored as a Commander of the British Empire isn’t good enough for Apple’s Jonathan Ive. Yesterday he was also plopped into the official Who’s Who register in England. And we’re fairly sure this isn’t the same Who’s Who that you get direct mail or telemarketing calls about every once in awhile, offering you inclusion in their exclusive list of important business people for $24.95. Or maybe it is the same, they just waived the fee. Because, after all, the guy’s already a Commander and stuff. Here’s a little from ZDNet UK:

Who’s Who has traditionally contained information about leading figures in society, both UK-based and worldwide, from aristocrats and politicians to academics and businessmen. Its publisher, A & C Black Publishers Ltd, claims that “an invitation to appear in Who’s Who recognizes distinction and influence”, either because “their prominence is inherited, or depending on office, or the result of ability which singles them out from their fellows”. Ive’s inclusion is presumably thanks to the latter condition.

Oh, wait. From that description, it does sound a lot like the $24.95 deal. We wonder if you get a discount if you paid the $19.95 to be included in the Who’s Who of American High School Students. Like an upgrade package or something.