Who is winning the battle of network stars — on Facebook?

TV stations are turning to Facebook to not only gain new viewers, but engage with people who already fans of shows. Networks are using Facebook to give fans sneak peeks of shows through exclusive video clips, but also to provide a second-screen experience. Through recap threads, fans of shows can engage with one another. As more users adopt hashtags — which is a popular way for Twitter users to engage about TV shows — Facebook will likely become an even stronger second-screen presence.

Hassan Bawab, the Founder and CEO of digital marketing firm MagicLogix, recently spoke with Inside Facebook about how TV shows and networks are utilizing Facebook for a richer experience. He also talked about how networks are learning more about their target audience through Facebook by giving viewers a forum to discuss their favorite shows:

(The second-screen platform) seems to be the number-one step for using Facebook whenever they have their targeted audience. It’s allowing them to make comments and chat and provide input. It also allows (networks) to build a communication bridge and they can have all of this communication before they start the show, once they start the show, during the show and after the show. So all this data is being collected and it allows the users to respond intelligently.

But what networks are the best at stimulating conversation and buzz through Facebook? According to PageData, Fox News is the most talked about Facebook page run by a major American TV station (such as NBC, ABC and CBS). Meanwhile, Ellen Degeneres’ popular show is the most-talked about TV show in the social network.

Oddly enough, the most-liked pages aren’t the general networks, but popular programs or subgenres, such as ABC News or Sunday Night Football on NBC.

Here’s a list of popular pages managed by major American stations, sorted by people talking about this (PTAT):

NameLikesΔ TodayΔ This WeekPTATΔ TodayΔ This Week
Fox News3,159,258+1,638+16,366512,184+35,607+264,369
NBC News1,146,337+1,423+13,979387,765+29,037+269,094
ABC News1,209,660+4,504+26,138346,1650+189,098
FOX Deportes1,682,617+1,475+9,303190,587-3,588+1,253
NBC LA557,734+303+3,472152,766-5,653+29,512
ABC Family2,886,824+2,187+19,60077,965+8,720-8,309
CBS News534,166+1,101+9,41572,013+4,784+45,710
Sunday Night Football on NBC889,482+3,783+13,81166,861+4,166+44,611
FOX Soccer1,618,349+87+81965,6770-11,557
FOX Sports1,518,450+663+10,54246,984-406-15,106
CBS This Morning302,781+700+5,99240,737+11,480+23,142
Fox Movies2,772,674+1,230+14,00728,175+3,706+3,808
ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas2,979,075+1,505+8,51210,455+287-385

Here are the top five TV show pages on Facebook, once again sorted by PTAT:

#NamePeople Talking About Daily GrowthWeekly Growth
1    The Ellen DeGeneres Show2,625,354+372,716+2,109,807
2    Glee2,025,800+30,955+1,964,256
3    The Walking Dead770,630+60,856+195,895
4    Doctor Who and the T.A.R….641,941+7,955+60,578
5    Eat Bulaga492,230+19,206+203,000

Readers: How often do you talk about your favorite TV shows on Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.