Who Is This Journo?

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It’s another in the Chuck Todd fan sites series: This time Chuckolyte.com:

    Top 5 indicators that you may be a Chuckolyte

  • Photos of family members and friends throughout your home have been replaced by whiteboards and United States congressional district maps as well as televisions in every room tuned 24/7 to MSNBC and/or NBC in order to prevent a missed Chuck Todd segment
  • Every election night of the past primary season was spent watching MSNBC with the same excitement and anticipation usually reserved for the birth of a first child
  • Visit Viva Chuck Todd daily
  • The phrases “you got it” and “you know, that’s interesting” enter your lexicon frequently
  • You have begun to manifest coarse auburn hair nowhere else on your body except your face — regardless of gender and/or age