Who Is This 40 year old?


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That’s the Glover Park Group’s Mike Feldman, who turns 40 today. His birthday party was Saturday at the home of Joe Lockhart.

Buddies Philippe Reines (you hear how NPR pronounced his last name recently?), Jonathan Lovett and Jeremy Bash put together this collage of how Feldman will age (“Mike Through The Ages”) … and what will happen in his aging world.

And get this: U2 even recorded a special birthday DVD for Feldman, with the band singing him “Happy Birthday.”

Unfortunately, Feldman’s most famous boss — Al Gore — was overseas and couldn’t make it but he was a frequent topic (and he and Tipper sent a bottle of extraordinary wine from Feldman’s birthday year — 1968).

In the house: Andrea Mitchell, Ken Mehlman, Lockhart, Tammy Haddad, Dina and Rick Powell, Betsy Fischer, Kristen Silverberg, Mike Allen, Jay Carney and Claire Shipman.

Snippets from the “Mike Through The Ages” routine:

    * The year is 2008 and Mike is 40. Women want Mike Feldman. Men want to be Mike Feldman. And Mike?… well he just enjoys being Mike Feldman.

    * Mike Feldman always seems to land on his feet. When Gore lost the 2000 election, Mike’s promising career seemed on the brink of collapse. But then, with his Glover Park Partners, he miraculously turned failure into success. Will this trend continue?

    * The year is 2028. The world is a very different place. President Obama, proving that term limits were really nothing more than the old politics, nears the end of his fifth term in office. Iranian

    * President Obama has run the last lobbyist out of Washington. But Mike, at 60, once again lands on his feet. He is now a well-tanned Hollywood mogul. He purchases MSNBC and renames the network MFNBC – the Mike Feldman National Broadcasting Company. Glover Park DC teeters on the edge of insolvency. But Glover Park LA is on the rise.

    * The year is 2048, President Clinton — Chelsea Clinton, that is — has become the final crack in the glass ceiling and is sworn into office as America’s first female President. America is no longer dependent on foreign oil. However, at 80, a shriveling Mike is quickly becoming dependent on Oil of Olay. A 100 year old Al Gore is telling anyone who will listen that the world’s fever has become an acute burning sensation. The world is on fire. Yet again, Mike lands on his feet — this time as an international environmentalist crusader and celebrity, taking the war against climate change to the frontlines: China. Glover Park LA is teetering on the brink of insolvency But Glover Park Shanghai is on the rise.

    * Let’s now fast-forward another 20 years … to 2068. Piper Palin has just been sworn in for the second time…

    …as Commissioner of the National Hockey League.

    Unfortunately, the world is a much different place — and as Al Gore and Mike Feldman predicted, a much hotter place. The earth is nearing cataclysmic destruction. But Mike, now ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD, amazingly lands on his feet one more time. Glover Park Shanghai is literally underwater. But Glover Park Nepal is reaching new heights. To escape worldwide flooding, Mike has relocated to Mount Everest, perched at the summit — which is now appropriately at 17,044 feet above sea level. But women still want Mike Feldman. Men still want to be Mike Feldman. And yes, Mike still enjoys being Mike Feldman. Mike, we can’t wait to celebrate these future milestones with you and see how close we got. But until then, happy fortieth birthday.