Who Is Rachel Chou, Open Road’s New CMO?

Here’s Chou.jpg
an addendum to eBookNewser’s eBook Summit coverage. As reported this morning, Jane Friedman announced the appointment of Rachel Chou as Chief Marketing Officer of Open Road Media this morning during the first panel of the eBook Summit. As is with Friedman herself, Chou’s appointment represents a case of someone who had worked in both print and digital aspects of publishing, and at HarperCollins, moving over into the all-digital environment of Open Road.

Before her appointment to Open Road, Chou was Vice President, Online Product Development at HaperCollins, and had been in the business for fifteen years. At Harper, Chou developed AuthorAssistant, an online platform enabling authors to deliver multimidia content to other Web sites and was in charge of the publisher’s direct-to-consumer ecommerce.

At Open Road, Chou will be responsible for developing Web marketing platform to connect the company’s books and brands to marketing outlets, mobile devices, and readers.