Who is Charles Blow? Mystery Solved!

blow.190v.jpgSo yesterday, in the course of discussing the NYT line-up of columnists, we mentioned that we had no real idea who Charles Blow is. Well, mystery solved. He’s a graphic columnist who appears every other Saturday in the Times (which may be why he’s not familiar to us, we don’t read the news on Saturday).

According to Journal-isms Blow left the Times in 2006 &#151 he was at that time the deputy design director for news as well as its highest ranking journalist of color — for National Geographic but returned this last April. According to a memo released by Andy Rosenthal at the time, “he will create a new kind of journalistic space on our website… place for visual journalists, especially those who use numbers and images and charts to express opinion. It will be just the kind of ‘you won’t find it anywhere else’ feature that ought to be on nytimes.com.” You can find his work, thus far, here.