Question: Who Should I Follow On Twitter?

Answer: whomever you like.

There is no right or wrong here – all that matters is that the people you are following are right for you. It definitely pays to keep your network optimised and relevant, but the actual particulars of your follow policy are entirely up to you.

After all, it’s your Twitter. Your experience. So the people you follow should reflect your interests and needs. Asking somebody else to do this for you is like asking somebody else to do your grocery shopping – unless you give them a very specific list, most of the time you’ll just end up being disappointed. And if you’ve already made your list, why do you need their advice?

Sure, take recommendations and check out friends-of-friends and the networks of people you respect, but don’t just blindly follow away. Find the time and do the work. Your Twitter experience will be all the richer for it.